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I think it's time i started a blog,somewhat like the old cockroach files...you know outing the teachers who used be hookers in uni,the priestess and ritualist who still are hookers,
or the ritualist addicted to anime,or better the one that claims straightness but spends so time at wet on wellington he should have a share in the business,at least he has the excuse he spend time in a catholic seminary,
or everyones favorite nice guy pagan whose only reason for not going on a murder spree is the fact that his constantly drugged up to the eyeballs,
or those that turned a blind eye to robin fletcher's activities before his arrest,
the alexandrian coven whose high priestess had to introduce the golden rule
"thou shalt not fuck the newby till the blood tests have returned" because her high priest/husband bought home unwanted medical baggage from one of their students,or the pagan academic that has visions of saving the world,enabled and encouraged by her partner,that way she not focused on anything his doing....

you know all the good stuff...perfect in a blog, as there's no censorship by the blog administration,only the censorship i choose ;-)

The King is back hahahahahahaha
be afraid lizard, be very afraid


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