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The King is back hahahahahahaha
be afraid lizard, be very afraid

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"long live the kinganddownwithhisenemies"- the court jester

Dear Mr Sommeling;
It is good that I have found you again. I just wanted to thank you for your near exemplary behaviour at Mt Franklin this year. Your co-operation helped Beltane to be a success once again. My fellow adepts and I have duly noted your attitude. I was disappointed that you didn't come out to meet me as I had looked forward very much to the chance to discuss your position with you- perhaps we shall meet formally sometime, I believe that we have a few friends in common. If you would like to discuss this with me I am sure that you can contact me- I have made myself easily available on the web.
David G Mattichak 9=2 A.A.

Oh David please stop the posturing, nobody has needed to be that pompous for a couple of centuries,you want to talk to me fine talk to me,enough of your associates have my mobile number,so call, just like this account and myself on the mount,the numbers not so hard to find.

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